The Mask (1994): Stanley Yells at His Boss


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The clip Stanley yells at his boss from The Mask (1994) with Jim Carrey, Richard Jeni

We have a crisis here and you stroll in an hour late?
If I must put up with...
Back off, monkey boy or I'll tell your dad you treat this place like your piggy bank.
Or we should call the IRS and arrange a vacation for you at Club Fed?
That'll be all.
That was genius. Buddy, I have chills.
God! What side of whose bed did you wake up on, man?
I'm not sure.
I haven't exactly been myself lately.
You don't look real fabulous.
Really, do I look bad?
Don't worry. This'll put the color back in your cheeks.
2 tickets to the charity ball at the Coco Bongo Club, Saturday.
Anybody who's anybody will be there.
Want to be my date?
Wait just a minute.
Why are you here?
I wanted to thank you.
I don't have much to open an account with anymore.
What about the club? You were doing great.
It's not your problem. I'll be okay.
Come here.

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