The Mask (1994): Fantasize About Tina


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The clip fantasize about Tina from The Mask (1994) with Eamonn Roche, Richard Jeni

Where were you last night? We looked all over for you.
Did you happen to look outside, in the gutter?
Did you check the paper?
Your girlfriend got a great review.
Bombshell Explodes at Coco Bongo
You're 50 minutes late. That's like stealing.
I'm sorry, Mr. Dickey. It'll never happen again. I've been a jerk.
If you weren't busy oogling girlie pictures you might get some work done.
Sir. She's a perspective client of Stanley's.
The next time she comes in send her to my office.
You bet.
Gee, I wish "my" daddy owned a bank.
Then I could be a rich little creep too.
You think she'll ever come back?
Oh, man, forget her. Listen to me.
Girls like her always look for the BBD: Bigger Better Deal.
You don't know that.
She's an artist. She's sensitive.
Forget her.
She'll rip out your heart, put it in a blender and hit "frappe".
You don't need her. You need somebody down to earth.
Somebody with some integrity. Somebody with red hair full, pouting lips a white blouse, green jacket and a name tag.
You really narrowed it down.
Too bad she's already taken.
Hello there, may I be of assistance?
Stanley Ipkiss?
Hi! I'm Peggy Brandt from the Tribune.
I canceled my subscription because they kept stealing...
No, actually, I want to ask you a few questions.
Really? About what?
Ripley Auto Finishing. You're a customer, aren't you?

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