Happy Feet (2006): Parents Protection


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The clip Parents protection from Happy Feet (2006)

You have as much right to be here as any of these daffy old fools.
Norma Jean, I'll deal with this.
Mumble, you must renounce your so-called friends...
...your peculiar thoughts, your strange ways.
If we are devout...
...sincere in our praise, the fish will return.
But, Pa-
Listen, boy, I was a backslider myself.
I was careless and now we're paying the price.
What's this got to do with Mumble?
It's why he is the way he is.
There's nothing wrong with him!
Face it, our son's all messed up.
He's not messed up, hear me?
Believe me, I know.
How can you say that?
Because when he was just an egg, I dropped him!
Oh, my poor little Mumble.
But, Mom, I'm perfectly fine.
No. No, you're not, boy.
That's right.
For all our sakes, you must stop this freakiness with the feet.
Your father speaks wisely. Heed his suffering heart and repent.
But it just doesn't make any sense.
Then your arrogance leaves us no choice!
No, wait.
Please, son, you can do this. It ain't so hard.
Don't ask me to change, Pa, because I can't.
And that, my brethren, is the end of it.

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