Happy Feet (2006): Into the Wild


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The clip Into the wild from Happy Feet (2006)

Then she say to me, "Enough, you are making me nauseous. "
So I become silent, almost moody, and you know what she says?
"You never share. You got to let it out. "
Ramon, come on.
Let it out. Let it out.
Stop it! Let it go.
I never had a good relationship in my life.
Give him a hug. Give him a hug.
I let it out!
There we go.
I let it out.
I know. Get over it.
Can you keep going?
What's that smell?
It wasn't me.
Hey, Fluffy, we're following you. Get up here.
So these elephant seals, they're not penguin eaters, are they?
I don't know. I believe they are herbivores.
You know, kelp-suckers.
Here we go, Lovelace. Come on.
Jump in time. Jump in time.
Okay, let's do it.
Okay, okay, okay. Ready?
I can do this. I can do this. I got to trick myself.
Boy, look at that. What?

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