Happy Feet (2006): Can't Sing


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The clip Can't sing from Happy Feet (2006) with Elijah Wood

Hey, big guy.
It's the loving season.
All you gotta do is sing.
That's the problem. I can't.
You a bird, ain't you?
All birds can sing.
I don't sing like the birdie do
All right.
Find me, find me
What's he doing?
I think he's singing.
I know singing, that's not singing.
I heard an animal once do that, but then they rolled him over, he was dead.
Yeah. And when she sings, it darn near breaks your heart.
You in tragic shape, man.
Don't worry. We can fix it.
We can?
Absolutely. We can. We can.
We can?
Yes! Let me tell something to you.
Come close. Closer. You wanna sing?
You sure?
You making fun of me? Then this is very easy.
Really? Gosh, if I could sing, that would change everything.
You will sing. You just got to do exactly what I say.
Did I say "okay"?
No. What did I say?
Do exactly what you say.
Exactly what I say.

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