Happy Feet (2006): Free Love


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The clip Free love from Happy Feet (2006) with Robin Williams, Lombardo Boyar

What he saying?
It's mating season.
I will retire now to my couch of perpetual indulgence.
Okay, ladies, who's first?
One at a time. Don't touch the talisman, baby, please.
Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What about us?
Lovelace, Lovelace, Lovelace!
Hear me!
There's not enough love in the world.
Turn to the penguin next to you.
Put your flippers up. Fluff him up a little bit.
And give him a great big hug.
Okay, ladies.
Oh, make that little noise again, girl.
Hey, what he got we don't got, man?
What you hugging me for?
He told me to.
Get away.
No, you like it.
Get off him, Ramon.
Stretch, got any stones where you come from?
We don't collect stones.
You don't? Why not?
We live on the ice.
So how you win the heart of the ladies?
Well, we sing.
Stop! That's crazy!
You're kidding, right?
No. We sing to each other.
If someone special likes your song, you know...
Oh, and you have someone special?
A tall beauty in your dark romantic past?
Of which you never speak?
Well, sort of.
Hey, let's go check it out. Maybe she got some friends.
I like them tall.
It's never gonna work.

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