Happy Feet (2006): Family Trouble


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The clip Family trouble from Happy Feet (2006) with Hugh Jackman

Well, I thought it was kind of cute.
But it just ain't penguin, okay?
So what if he's a little different? I always kind of liked different.
He's not different. He's a regular emperor penguin.
Hey, you know what? I can leave school.
I can go to work. The three of us.
Whoa, little fella. You ain't going nowhere till you got yourself an education.
You get them singing muscles big and strong, you got that?
I'll try, Pa.
You bet you will. The word "triumph" starts with "try," and it ends with...?
"Umph. "
That's right. A great big "umph. "
I'm going fishing.
Oh, Mumble.

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