Happy Feet (2006): Proof of Aliens


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The clip Proof of aliens from Happy Feet (2006) with Hugo Weaving, Fat Joe

So you dare come back?
He says he's found aliens and they're taking our fish.
He says that they're coming and we all have to do this.
There be no such thing as aliens!
Mumble, turn around.
It's a disease.
Is that from them?
Yeah. But don't be afraid. I think it's a way to find me, that's all.
You led them here? You turned them on your own kind?
Wait a second, you just said there's no such thing as aliens.
Well, there's not.
But if there were, only a traitorous fool would bring them here.
But they have to come.
They're the ones taking our fish. They can do something about it.
None but the Great 'Guin has the power to give and take away.
The Great 'Guin didn't put things out of whack, the aliens did.
A fool returns this day to mock our suffering.
We are starving and he wants us to hippity-hop.
So do we hold fast to our ways...
...or do we bend to the fetid fantasies of a dancing fool?

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