The Emperor's Club (2002): Mr. Hundert Tells James


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The clip Mr. Hundert Tells James from The Emperor's Club (2002)

I came by to congratulate you. That was terrific.!
Sedgewick Bell... quite the surprise. Yes.
He's come a long way. You must be very proud of him.
It makes for wonderful theater.
In fact, I was thinking, I might make the suggestion to you, and to Mr. Woodbridge,
that in the future more alumni are invited.
Not just the parents of the finalists, but maybe all of the alumni.
You know? And instead of it happening just on any old weekday,
think about making it a weekend event.
You know, for fund-raising, which would augur well for your headmastership.
Mmm. What's wrong?
Sedgewick cheated.
What? Come in.
Well, the pressure to succeed can be oppressive.
And, right or wrong,
Woodbridge felt it was in the best interests of the school's endowment to let it pass.
Come on. William, you didn't put the boy up on the stage.
He got there on his own merit.
All you did was inspire him...
to study and to learn, and for that you should be commended.

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