The Emperor's Club (2002): 26 Years Later


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The clip 26 Years Later from The Emperor's Club (2002) with Kevin Kline

According to Heraclitus,
we cannot step into the same river twice.
"In the flow of time, " he argued,
"an opportunity lost is lost forever. "
And yet, when Elizabeth's marriage ended and she returned home from England,
the waters in which we found ourselves swimming...
were precisely as lovely as those we had earlier only imagined.
But if time had made concessions for love,
it made none for death.
And when our headmaster, Terence Woodbridge, passed away,
I felt profound sadness.
Though the incident with Sedgewick Bell had tested our friendship,
he had for half a century...
devoted himself to St. Benedict's tradition of academic and moral leadership...
A tradition, I realized, that was now mine...
to safeguard.

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