The Emperor's Club (2002): Flirting with The Girls


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The clip Flirting with The Girls from The Emperor's Club (2002)

He's our "coxman," so... Coxswain.
Right. No. Right, I know. Coxswain.
So is it true what they say about the guys who go...
to "Saint Benedick's"?
I don't know. Uh, what is that exactly?
Tsk. So, uh, what's your name?
Um, I'm Sedgewick. This is Deepak.
Louis and Martin. Hi.
Marty, if you like. Or Mar-Martin's fine.
Why don't you give us your phone number, and maybe we'll call you sometime.
You are such...
Guys, what's our phone number?
Um, area code 215.
Okay. So, um...
Do you guys want to go skinny-dipping?
Pardon me?
You mean naked?
What? What's he doin'?
Oh, my God.
So, uh, who's gonna come with me then?
Is he kidding? [Girl #2] Oh, God.!
Oh, no way.! Not me. I don't want to get my arm wet.
Might lose your phone number.
That's okay. I'll just whisper it in your ear so you won't forget.
I'll go!
My God!
I'll go too! Disrobe men.!
I'm going!
Ladies.! What is going on here?
Holy shit.! [Louis] A nun.
Oh, my God.
There goes your tuition, Marty.
Come on!

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