Billy Madison (1995): Billy Challenges Eric


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The clip Billy challenges Eric from Billy Madison (1995) with Adam Sandler

What a mess.
First this psycho goes on TV, lies, then retracts it.
And now Eric's secretary is in a coma.
Carl, has anybody been able to find out anything about this Max guy?
No, sir. He's vanished. Nobody has any idea where he is.
I believed in Billy all along, sir.
Cut the horseshit!
I know you blackmailed Max.
Take it easy, Billy.
Things were going along great until this wrestling freak messed things up.
Billy should get another shot at high school.
Hey, rules are rules. Billy was supposed to finish each grade within the two weeks...
..or I get the company. He didn't finish ninth grade.
Eric, certainly there are extenuating circumstances.
Extenuating, exschmenuating. We had a deal. A signed, written deal.
Each grade, two weeks, or I get the company.
Well, technically you're right, but...
Oh, shut up, Brian. I've had to listen to your jawing for too long.
Well, technically...
Just shut up! Are you ready to hand the company over to me now?
Then I'll see your ass in court.
Nice talkin' to ya, shitheads.
Hey, Eric, how would you like to settle this now, no lawyers?
You and me, mano y mano.
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
Carl, what does that mean?
Uh... I don't know.
It means an academic decathlon.
One day, ten events, testing all the knowledge one would gain in high school.
Me versus you.

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