Billy Madison (1995): Billy Harasses Miss Vaughn


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The clip billy harasses miss vaughn from Billy Madison (1995) with Kyle Bailey, Chris Farley

Hey, I dare you to throw your sandwich at the bus driver.
(children ) Do it. Come on.
Hey, who threw that?
I'll turn this damn bus around.
That'll end your precious little field trip pretty damn quick, huh?
Hey, I'm tryin' to score points with the teacher today. Don't screw it up!
I dare you to touch her boobs.
Touch her boobs? That's assault, brother.
Ya double-dare me?
Miss Vaughn, how long till we get there?
I have to go to the bathroom.
Probably about two minutes.
Sorry about that. Damn guy drives like an animal.
That's all right, Billy. Why don't you go back and sit down now?
I double-dare you.
Da... I... Accident...
Mistake... Tit...
Go sit down now.
(children giggle )
Yeah, here we go again. Another treat from the road.
Grand, ripe banana. Trick of the day. Great...
(woman ) What is a horseshoe? What does a horseshoe do?

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