The Perfect Storm (2000): Trying to Reach Andrea Gail


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The clip Trying to reach Andrea Gail from The Perfect Storm (2000) with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

Andrea Gail, Andrea Gail. This is Hannah Boden.
Billy, over.
Calling the Andrea Gail.
Andrea Gail, do you read me?
Do you read me? Come in!
Come in, for God's sake, come in! Billy, these storms have collided!
They are exploding!
Who is it?
I don't know.
Andrea Gail, come in!
Whiskey-Yankee-Charlie 6-6-8-1, over.
Talk to me, Billy, over.
I repeat, Whiskey-Yankee-Charlie 6-6-8-1...
Look at your fax, damn it! Look at your fax!
Whiskey-Yankee-Charlie 6-6-8-1, over!
Where are you, Billy?
Give me the coordinates.
44 north, 56.4 west.
We're 44 north...
...56.4 west, headed west.
I repeat, 44 north, 56.4 west, headed...
Billy, get out of there.
Come about! Let it carry you out! What the hell are you doing?
Hang on!
Billy! Billy, for chrissake!
You're steaming into a bomb! Turn around, for chrissake!
It's the antenna.
Billy, can you hear me?
You're headed right for the middle of the monster.
Oh, my God.

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