The Perfect Storm (2000): You've Got It


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The clip You've got it from The Perfect Storm (2000) with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, George Clooney

Watch your step.
I smell Coppertone.
That means that Captain Linda Greenlaw...
...a lady vain about her nose, is in my wheelhouse.
Make that Hawaiian Tropic.
At least I got the nose right.
Your guys are loading bait and groceries.
You doing a turnaround?
No rest for the weary.
There you go. Flaunting your work ethic.
I don't have a work ethic. I just have work.
If I'm gonna catch up to you.
I love to watch you study charts.
You know them all by heart.
What's special about today that you're blowing smoke up my ass?
I thought I'd make a pass.
You see, I'm looking for a guy to come home to Maine with me... a house and raise kids.
What does that guy and you do after?
The thing is, I'm happy. I'm happy I'm fit to do this.
I just don't see the romance in it.
But you've got it, Captain Greenlaw.
You do. Believe me.
I've seen them come and go.
The day I laid eyes on you, I said, "She's gonna be a good one. "
You can't be good unless you love it.

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