How to Make an American Quilt (1995): Finn's Thesis


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The clip Finn's Thesis from How to Make an American Quilt (1995)

...each of these squares is made by different hands.
So I have to bring all these different squares together... a balanced and harmonious...
First, we have to find a theme.
Now, for this particular quilt, the theme is "Where Love Resides."
You put too much sugar in the iced tea.
I did not. It's got like a teaspoon and a half.
You put in a whole cup. I can taste it.
Give it a rest, will you?
Bicker, bicker, bicker, makes a gal age quicker.
What you're saying is, by harmonizing all different elements...
... you're creating kind of a continuity in the piece?
No. What I'm saying is...
...I don't want to end up with some damn ugly quilt.
Sweetie, explain to us again what kind of a book this is you're writing.
It's not a book. It's a thesis.
I'm looking at women's handiwork in various tribal cultures...
...and I'm showing that how...
... making a basket, or a blanket, or a digging stick, or whatever...
... it's all done with a sense of ritual.
I thought you were writing something about the Victorians.
No, that was a different thesis.
What happened to that one?
I just became more interested in this subject.
You didn't finish it?
Well, why not?
Chill, Sophia.
By the way, I spotted a fellow for Anna.

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