Chronicles (2004): Showing the Cepedas the News Report


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The clip showing the cepedas the news report from Chronicles (2004)

His wife will be having a baby in just a few days.
It will be Vinicio's first son, but he won't be able to be there.
From Babahoyo. Ecuador. for "One Hour With the Truth. " Manolo Bonilla.
Are you showing it today?
And they're gonna love it in Miami.
I'm almost in tears.
I'm very grateful. Manolo.
As soon as my colleagues are finished,
we'll get it on the air in Miami right away.
Can we continue?
I need a moment with my wife.
I'll leave you alone.
Marisa. We need to make sure that Victor airs the story today.
Of course. We want him to trust you. Maybe he feels uncomfortable.
Have you offered him any coffee?
Manolo. he's setting the rules and he's the one winning.
Well, listen to me. Give me a couple of minutes and I'll hide the camera.
No. If I want him to trust me. I can't cheat him like that.
Nothing of what's going on inside there exists if there isn't a camera.
I'll talk Victor into airing it tonight, but it won't be easy.
You know what you're doing, right?

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