Chronicles (2004): the Captain Questions Manolo Part 2


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The clip the captain questions manolo Part 2 from Chronicles (2004)

with a cop who has nothing better to do than chase us around.
And if he's innocent, and he's telling the truth?
Anyhow it'd be an amazing interview, awesome... don't you think?
Yeah, awesome.
I'm not doing this to get any journalism awards.
No. of course not. You just want to be a hero.
We're on the verge of getting something very big.
And this story wouldn't even exist without us.
Remember that.
This story is real.
Without you and without us, that girl is buried in the mud.
Well, I need to follow my instinct.
Ivan. at least open a window or buy some incense, okay?
You fucked her, didn't you?
You fucked her and you didn't tell me, asshole.
You're a prick, man.
You can't have me here
and hide your torrid romance with Miss...
no no sorry. With "Mrs. Producer. " man.
Don't go blabbering about this.
You must have done something wrong. she's not in a very good mood.
I realized it was Joseph Juan

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