Chronicles (2004): the Accident


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The clip the accident from Chronicles (2004)

you have to tell me everything that comes to mind.
And don't worry. I'll guide you with my questions,
and above all else, I want you to know that I'm your friend.
I just want to know what happened, you can tell me anything.
Do you trust me? Good. Cool. cool.
Ivan, when you finish what you're doing. come quickly. Over.
I'll be right back.
Hey, Joseph Juan!
Who's this for?
Joseph Juan!
It's a surprise, you'll see.
It's all right.
You'll see. Stay there.
What happened. Don Vinicio?
Stay here, kids. Don't get out.
What happened. Don Vinicio?
Tell them not to get out of the truck. damn it.
Come on, stand back please. Stand back.
It's Joseph Juan, Dad.
Poor boy. He hit his head.
That's Don Lucho's son. That's too bad.
We gotta tell him.
No. Vinicio. don't touch him.
We have to call an ambulance first.
It's Joseph Juan.
Oh my God! They ran over a child!
I have to move the truck.
He's leaving.
What's going on? What happened?
He's taking off. grab him!
I'm not running away.
It was an accident.
Get him!

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