Chronicles (2004): Preparations


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The clip preparations from Chronicles (2004)

Ma'am, there's nothing we can do.
This truck is evidence. and it can't be moved from here
until your husband's trial is over.
What if we tell him?
Victor will understand. What's the problem?
If we do he'll come storming in here. And I don't think we want that.
Don't be paranoid.
He won't take the story of a lifetime away from you.
And he's gonna love this whole "Vinicio the Martyr" story.
It's perfect for the so-called human side of the show he likes so much.
Are you gonna want to do the story?
I want to have that option.
Victor's not gonna want to use it.
And if we're not going to Medell´┐Żn, he'll get even more pissed.
I think it's better for you guys to go on ahead and...
do the interview Vinicio wants with the other camera.
Don't be stupid, man.
That way I can continue with him. Maybe we can even make it to Colombia.
I think he has you by the balls. Don Manolo. Be careful.
Really? I think he'll talk more if it's just the two of us.
I'm going to the jail and you guys,
find out everything you can about Vinicio...
where he's from if not from here. when he came to Ecuador,
if he has a police record...

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