Chronicles (2004): Reporting from the Prison


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The clip reporting from the prison from Chronicles (2004)

Let's see. Who wants to be on television?
I do.
Okay, say, "I."
Is he covered in shit?
That's right, friend.
What you see is a common practice
among inmates who fear for their lives.
That's crazy. I'd heard of that before, but I didn't think it was real.
And how's the wound?
It's a miracle that man's even alive, miss.
Let's go. Cepeda. You have visitors.
Shower up. I don't want people to see you like that.
Don't show that on television, please.
Can I have a quick word with you?
I've been locked up here for a year because of a little pot.
A year. A year for less than half a gram.
Is Manolo ready, miss?
He won't be much longer.
Don't be afraid to tell me everything.
I want you to tell the camera.
what you've gone through during these last few months
since your first son disappeared.
I want you to tell me what you felt when you realized
that your other son had been run over.

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