Big Fan (2009): Paul Has Headaches and His Family on His Mind


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The clip Paul has headaches and his family on his mind from Big Fan (2009)

Bro, you okay?
So, how you feeling, bro?
I'm pretty good. Pretty good.
What'd the doctor say?
Oh, they don't know what happened.
They did another CAT scan?
Yeah. It didn't show anything.
Oh, really? It didn't pick up the fist prints? They're not related.
Yeah. Sure.
You don't know that. Are you sniffing glue again?
Is this like some kind of no-snitching thing? Like the brothers?
Oh, yeah. I heard the charges were dropped. I'm sorry. You must be really upset about that.
Come on, Jeff.
What? I'm sympathizing. Well, stop.
He needs to hear this.
He needs his rest. He needs to get better.
Look at you. He's right.
Like a jadrool. Oh, please be quiet.
Fuckin' jadrool. Oh, my God.
You're not gonna get through to him.
Nobody can.

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