Big Fan (2009): Birthday Party and Jeff Commercial


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The clip Birthday Party and jeff commercial from Big Fan (2009)

Do we have to stay for the whole thing?
Paul, stop it.
Welcome! Come on in. Come in, come in, come in. Hi!
Hi! Hey, Ma.
Thank you. Thank you. All right.
Oh, he's gonna love it. Mmm...
Thank you. Ohh...
What's up, what's up?
Let's get this party started!
The cake, he's gonna love it.
Are you kidding me? He's gonna fuckin' freak.
I'm so proud of him.
Okay, let's go.
That's nice.
Baby, that's your gift.
Very good.
Look at that.
Right now, we're America's fastest-growing warehouse club.
By 2012, there's gonna be 350 locations all across the country.
Wow. Costco
right now is crapping in their pants.
So, Paul, you know the offer still stands.
I have a job.
Yeah, I know, but I think
you could really go far in about five years--
I have a job.
Don't you want something better?
You know, what if I offer youa job?
I mean, maybe I feel bad for you,
stuck inside of a depressing dentist's office.
How is a dentist's office depressing?
Gather round, folks!

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