JFK (1991): What-youre-getting-into


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I know you know who Clay Bertrand is. Stop eating that crabmeat and listen.
I'm aware of our friendship, but I'll call you before the grand jury.
You lie to them as you lied to me, I'll charge you with perjury.
I took nine judges on here in New Orleans.
I beat them all. Am I communicating with you?
Off the record?
In that case, let me sum it up for you.
If I answer that question you keep asking...
...if I give you the name of the big enchilada...
...then it's bon voyage, Deano.
Like a bullet in my head, you dig?
You're a mouse fighting a gorilla. JFK's dead as that crabmeat.
The government's still breathing.
Either you give the grand jury Clay Bertrand's real identity...
...or your fat behind's going to the slammer.
You're as crazy as your mama. It's in the genes.
Do you know what you're getting into?
The government will jump all over your head and go cock-a-doodle-doo.
Good day to you, sir.

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