American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005): Matt and Ernie Become Friends


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The clip Matt and Ernie Become Friends from American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005) with Tad Hilgenbrink, Jason Earles

Welcome to Stifler-vision.
I think there's a cymbal class at 1.:00.
DANl: I hate that.
Yeah, but it's better than the bass drum relay.
DANl: Yeah, that's true.
Yours look totally fantastic.
Two for the price of one. DANl: My left one's bigger, see?
Yeah, mine, too, baby. They can totally fix that.
No! Want to see?
I used to be... Lens fog. No!
What is that thing, butt weasel? Yeah, it's the KR3, baby.
The Kaplowitz Remote Robotic Rover. And you are so busted.
Hey, Oscar, somebody call the Macro.
Dude, please, shut up.
Pull your panties out of your ass. I can help you with that chick.
What chick?
Dude, the one with all the tattoos. The Tubanator.
Her name is Chloe.
Come on, man. I can help. I'm the Stiffmeister.
Master of love and romance.
I nailed three cheerleaders in one week on spring break. College cheerleaders.
And I know why your camera spritzed out.
Dude, this thing is awesome.
You ever use this to look up chicks' skirts?
But I did use it to win the State Science Fair last year.
And I'm hoping it gets me into MIT next fall.
I really want to work for NASA.
National Anal Sex Association?
No it's Space...
There's an Anal Sex Association?
Oh, yeah, but you've got to be a pro.
Wait, there's a Space Association?
You were supposed to use this.

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