American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005): Matt Meats Brandon


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The clip Matt Meats Brandon from American Pie Presents Band Camp (2005) with Tad Hilgenbrink, Matt Barr

What the fuck?
Are you a rookie? You look lost.
Are you an asshole? You're hairy, and you smell like shit.
I'll ignore that kind of talk once.
We don't speak that way here.
Rookies are to wear their beanies at all times. Those are the rules.
And who made you the mayor of Geek Town?
I'm Brandon Vandecamp, senior drum major, Beechwood Academy...
and the president of the Tall Oaks Council.
Oh, and who are they, Mr. President? The First Lady and Vice Pussy?
Suits you well.
Golly, jeepers, thanks. Hey, you know, since I'm an official band geek and all...
can you guess what my favourite piece of music is?
I have no idea.
The Nutcracker.
Step back, bitch.
Holy mother of Mozart.
This is bad.
You didn't know Jackie Chan was in the house, did you boys, huh?
Stop that. Stop that now.
Those knob-slobbers started it.
That's not true, sir. We simply reminded him to wear his beanie.
And then he viciously assaulted Brandon's genitals.
That's a lie, you dick-snot.
Oscar, Jimmy, escort this man to see...
the Macro.
The what?
You're dead.
Now, gentlemen.
God, Brandon, are you okay?
You want to tell me what the hell you're doing here, Stifler?

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