Psycho II (1983): Mary Discovers Peephole


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The clip mary discovers peephole from Psycho II (1983)

Hi, Bill. I wasn't expecting you till tomorrow.
Hi, Norman.
I got a call from Mr. Statler.
He said you quit your job at the diner.
Yeah. Well, I just figured I could make more money with the motel.
You know, once I get... once I get it back into condition that is.
What does Mr. Toomey think about your plans?
Him? You know, I fired him.
Y-You know, he was turning this place
into what I think they call an "adult motel. "
Oh, I see.
Well, there've been an awful lot of changes in the week you've been back.
Yeah, yeah.
Any more notes or phone calls?
Oh, no, no, no.
Who's that?
There, in the top window?
In the attic?
It looked like a woman.
Oh, oh, oh, that must've been Mary.
Mary, who?
Oh, Mary. She works with me at the diner.
She's been staying here, too.
Oh, it's nothing like that. We're just, uh,
we're just friends.

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