Psycho II (1983): Norman Feeds Mary


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The clip norman feeds mary from Psycho II (1983) with Anthony Perkins, Meg Tilly

Uh, oh.
How did it go?
Terrible. I found out why he didn't want me to come home tonight.
Oh, well, why?
He's got somebody new.
He's moved her in already.
Well, that's no good.
Oh, well.
Think how it would've been if I'd married him and then found out
what sort of guy he was.
He asked me to, you know?
Sure. L... I mean, I'm sure he did.
Oh, uh, have... have... have you had dinner yet?
Well, let... let's have it together.
I was just about to sit down.
It's just, uh, sandwiches and milk,
but you're more than welcome to share it.
I really don't think that...
No, no, no, do it. Do it... Do it for my sake. Starving yourself
isn't going to make anything any better, either.
All right.
But this is yours.
No, go ahead, you... you have it. I'll make another.
Do you have a knife?
No, I'm afraid I don't.
L... I just moved back here after being many years away.
I forgot to bring any cu-cutlery.
That's odd.
People usually leave something,
even if it is only an old butter knife.
Oh, there.
Is something wrong, Norman?

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