Psycho II (1983): Toomey Comes to Diner


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The clip toomey comes to diner from Psycho II (1983)

About time, girl.
Hi. Hi.
I'm sorry I missed you this morning.
I got up early and went into town to see my girlfriend.
You know, the one I was telling you about.
Guess what?
We're going to room together.
Well, y-y-y-you... you're more than welcome to stay with me, you know.
Thanks, but I'd really rather live in town.
Oh, in town, yeah.
Uh, my... my place is a lot closer to work.
No, I... I really don't think that's a good idea.
Okay. Well, if you change your mind.
Hey, girl, I gave you the morning off, not the afternoon.
Hop to it.
Charming, isn't he?
Chop up some more lettuce, will you, Norman?
Hey, Ralph, so, uh, how's your new helper doing?
Hi, Warren. Just fine, thanks.
Yeah, well, I hope he washes dishes better than he runs a motel.
Hey, can I get a little service around here or what, huh?

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