Psycho II (1983): Norman Starts at Diner


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The clip norman starts at diner from Psycho II (1983)

Can I help you?
I'm Norman. Norman Bates.
The new cook's helper.
Oh, yes. Doctor what's-his-name
called about you. Raymond.
I'm the one who urged Mr. Statler
to give you the job.
I think it's very Christian
to forgive and forget, don't you?
I sure do.
So do I. Myrna. This is Norman Bates.
That's Myrna, Norman.
Come on, I'll introduce you to Mr. Statler.
He's in the back.
Ralph, this is Norman Bates.
You have to tell me what. Just give me...
Ralph, this is Norman Bates, your new helper.
Hi. Get him an apron, will you, Mrs. Spool?
Scott, we have to talk about it sometime.
Step on it, would you, girl?
You're being paid to wait on tables, not gab on the phone.
Look, I'll call you back later. We'll talk then.
We're getting ready for rush hour.
He's really very nice once he catches his breath.
Hey, Queen for a Day, wanna try being a waitress?
Mary, this is Norman.
He's gonna be working back here.
Boyfriend troubles, poor child.
Heart of gold but head of wood.
Let's get that apron for you, shall we?
Here you go.
Jesus Christ, girl,
what have you broken this time?
It wasn't her fault, Mr. Statler.
It was me. L... I... I did it.
Well, let her pick up and you get back here
before you do any more damage.

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