Do the Right Thing (1989): Mookie Takes a Break


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The clip Mookie Takes a Break from Do the right thing (1989) with Spike Lee, Giancarlo Esposito

Pizza delivery!
All right. Later.
Mousie, what's up?
Watch out. Move!
People are in the same shit!
What's up, buddy? How you livin', man?
Here come Mookie. Mookie!
Give me some of that!
Get a job.
Don't need no job.
Get a job, man.
Shut up!
Where are the females?
You don't do nothin' with them anyway.
Hey, I've got it like that.
All right. Here you go.
Stop bothering me.
Th-Th-Thank you, b
b-b-black man.
All right. Leave me alone.
Mookie, how come you're not at Sal's?
I'm working.
What's this... Another of your patented two-hour lunch breaks?
I wanted to come home and take a quick shower.
Sal's going to be mad.
Sometimes I think you're more concerned about him than me,
and I'm your brother.
That's real smart. Sal pays you.
That's why you should work.
I work. Slavery's over.
My name ain't Kunta Kinte.
I just don't want you to lose the one job
you've kept over a month.
I'm carrying you as it is.
I'll always get paid.

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