Do the Right Thing (1989): A New Alliance


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Buggin', what's up?
How you been, man?
Living large, bro.
Yo, that the only tape you gots?
You don't like Public Enemy, man?
The shit's dope.
I'm down, but you don't be playing nothing else.
I don't like nothing else.
Yo, check this. You know Sal?
Yeah, I know that motherfucker.
I've been trying to organize a boycott
of Sal's Famous.
I almost had to bust him in the head today.
Gonna tell me... Tell me, Radio Raheem...
to turn down my box and shit, man,
and didn't even say "please. "
Who the fuck he think he is, Don Corleone?
He make much money off us black people,
and all he got on the wall is Italians...
Sylvester Stallone, okey-doke-lookin' motherfuckers.
On the strength.
We shouldn't buy one slice,
spend one penny in there
till he put folks of color on that wall.
That's what I'm saying!
You got my back?
Your back is got.
My bro.
My bro.
Yo, Smiley. Come here, man.
What you listening to?
M-M-Malcolm, huh?
Cut off that rap music!
I'm in here trying to get me some motherfucking...
I'll fuck you up quick!
Two times!
Th-Th-Th-Three t-times!

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