Do the Right Thing (1989): Fighting With De Mayor

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Published 7 May 2012
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The clip Fighting With De Mayor from Do the right thing (1989) with Ossie Davis. Powered by: Anyclip. any m...
The clip Fighting With De Mayor from Do the right thing (1989) with Ossie Davis. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

What is wrong with him?
He ain't got no money for nobody.
Look at this here, man.
Cut this shit out.
What makes you the Mayor of this block?
Shit, he's self-appointed.
Leave the man alone.
Shut up!
Look, you all leave me the hell alone.
I ain't going out like that, man.
You walk around this block like you own it.
For real.
You're so old, you're like a fossil.
You're a bum. You're an old drunk zero.
Now what do you got to say?
What you know about me?
Can't even pee straight, nary a one of you.
What you know about anything?
Unless you...
Unless you done stood in the door...
and listened to your five hungry children
crying for bread,
and you can't do anything about it.
Your woman standing there...
You can't even look her in the eye.
Unless you done that,
you don't know my pain, my hurt, my feelings.
You don't know shit!
Don't call me bum.
Don't call me a drunk.
You don't got the sense God give a billy goat!
Don't call me nothing!
It's disrespectful.
Your mamas and papas raised you better.
I hope you finished your little soliloquy
'cause I been peeing straight for years.
Understand what I'm saying?
And you're right.
I wouldn't stand around
listening to my children go hungry.
I'd be getting a job,
anything to feed them.
You're right. I don't want to know your pain.
I don't care.
You did this to yourself.
Every day I see you walk
up and down this block, inebriated.
Never sober, but that's what D-A stands for...
Da Mayor... drunk ass.
Come on!
This man's getting me mad!
He don't get no respect!
You'll never get respect here, boy!
I respect those who respect themselves!
Come on, man!
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