Do the Right Thing (1989): Love and Hate


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The clip Love and Hate from Do the right thing (1989) with Spike Lee, Danny Aiello

Sal, can you do me a favor?
That depends, Mookie.
Can you pay me now?
I can't do that.
Sal, just this once.
Can't you do me a solid, man?
Not till tonight when we close.
Sal, I want to get paid now.
You know you get paid tonight when we close.
We're still open, OK?
If I pay you now, you won't show tonight.
That's a bet.
Yeah, that's a bet.
I'm going to remember that.
You got to do what you got to do.
I'll remember that.
I want you to.
Please do me a favor, hey, Mook? Remember that.
Come on, Sal.
I can't.
Radio Raheem!
What's happening?
It's your world.
Where you headed to?
I'm going to get a slice.
You going to Sal's?
I'll check you back there.
On the rebound.
You bet.
All right.
Oh, shit!
Let me check it out.
That's the hype!
Newest latest.
Let me tell you the story of right hand/left hand.
It's a tale of good and evil.
It was with this hand that Cain iced his brother.
These five fingers,
they go straight to the soul of man.
The right hand...
the hand of love.
The story of life is this...
One hand is always fighting the other hand,
and the left hand is kicking much ass.

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