Do the Right Thing (1989): Three Men Complaining

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The clip Three Men Complaining from Do the right thing (1989) . Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any fi...
The clip Three Men Complaining from Do the right thing (1989) . Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. It's dug. Look at those Korean motherfuckers across the street. Bet they haven't been off the boat a year before they opened their own place. Right. It's been about a year. A motherfuckin' year off the motherfuckin' boat, and they got a business in our neighborhood. A good business, occupying a building that had been boarded up for longer than I care to remember, and I've been here a long time. Yeah, a long time. Hear, boy. Now, for the life of me... you know, I can't figure this out. Either them Korean motherfuckers are geniuses... or you black asses are just plain dumb. Fuck you. It's got to be because we're black. Ain't no other explanation. You know it's true. They're always keeping the black man to about shit! Oh, oh! You motherfuckers hold that shit down. I'm tired of that old excuse, that shit. I swear, man, I will be one happy fool when we open our own business right here in our neighborhood. I swear to God, I'll be first to spend what little money I got. You motherfuckers are always talking that old Keith Sweat shit... "I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that. " You ain't gonna do nothing. You're gonna sit on this corner. When you going to get your business? Just like I thought. You ain't going to do a goddamn thing. But I'm going to go give them Koreans more of my money. Out of my way. It's Miller time, motherfuckers. Old Moosehead fuckers telling me what to do. Coconut, you got nerve. You got off the boat, too. Leave me alone. Kung Fu, give me one of them damn beers. No more free beer. No more free beer. Don't push me, baby. No more free beer. Don't start no shit. Mr. Sweet Dick Willie. Right. That's my name. It's a motherfuckin' shame. Man, ain't that a bitch?