Do the Right Thing (1989): Police Problems


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The clip Police Problems from Do the right thing (1989)

Hey, yo! Don't be fucking with the water now.
Oh, man, go ahead. You got it!
There's going to be a lot of fucking trouble
if this car gets wet.
Ain't nobody fucking around, man.
Why don't you just go ahead?
This is an antique here, hotshot.
Man, go ahead! It's what?
Hey, man, I'm... I'm serious, man!
All right. OK, you won't get wet.
Make sure I don't.
Go ahead! Go ahead! Drive the car!
All right, I'm driving it.
Get out! Get out, motherfucker!
Fuck you back!
Turn the fucking water.
Those son of a bitches!
They got me fucking soaked!
Wait a minute. Hold it!
I want an arrest made now!
Right now!
What's the matter? Calm down.
Sir, tell us what happened.
Two black kids soaked me with the fire hydrant.
They ruined my car! It's an antique!
They got me soaked!
So where are they?
Brilliant fucking question!
They ran away!
What do you think?
Do you wish to file a complaint, sir?
Yeah. I want 'em locked under the fucking jail.
I'm going to turn off the water.
Where you going? Where's he going?
Did you catch their names?
Officer, what the fuck are you doing?
Just calm down.
Did you catch their names?
Fuck you, their names!
Moe and Joe!
Moe and Joe what, sir?
Moe and Joe what? Moe and Joe what?
Moe and Joe Black. How's that?
They're brothers, sir?
Brothers. Yeah, they're fucking brothers.
This hydrant better not come back on again,
or there's going to be hell to pay!
Come answer to me, goddamn it!
Ask him. He knows.
He witnessed the whole fucking thing!
Tell him what happened.
Let us do the questioning, sir.
Fucking bullshit.
Know anything about this?
Who were the punks?

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