Do the Right Thing (1989): Radio Raheem


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The clip Radio Raheem from Do the right thing (1989) with Giancarlo Esposito, Ossie Davis

Yo, Ahmad!
I coulda done that.
Man, shut up. Yo, Ahmad!
Shit. Look, stop.
Punchy, you want to do any more screaming,
be my guest.
Yo, who's yelling my name?
Well, Punchy told me to.
Punchy told me to.
Don't listen to this knothead.
It'll get you in trouble.
Heard that, Punchy.
Yo, Ella? Ella?
You got a brain. Use it.
Peace, y'all.
Peace, Radio Raheem.
Peace, man.
You the man. I'm just visiting.
It's your world, G.
For real,
in a big motherfuckin' way.
That boy's livin' very large.
Even walks in stereo.
Yo, P.E.'s in full effect...
Radio Raheem like a motherfucker.
Radio Raheem. Blastin' that big box.
Cold rockin' the scene.
Where's the Miller High Life?
Where is the Miller High Life?
No more High Life.
You look what we have.
No more High Life?
What kind of a joint is this?
How come no more High Life?
Look, doctor, this ain't Korea or China
or wherever you're from.
You get some Miller High Life in this fuckin' joint.
You buy another beer.
Da Mayor...
don't drink this Lite shit.
Tastes like cold pot liquor.
All right, all right. But you're askin' a lot
to make a man change his beer. A lot, doctor.
Hey! You old drunk!
What did I tell you
about drinkin' in front of my stoop?
Move on. You're blockin' my view.
You are ugly enough.
Don't stare at me.
The evil eye doesn't work on me.
Mother Sister, you been talkin' about me for 18 years.
What I ever done to you?
You a drunk fool.
Besides that?
The Mayor don't bother nobody,

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