Do the Right Thing (1989): Ending


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The clip Ending from Do the right thing (1989)

Now the news and weather.
Our mayor has commissioned a blue-ribbon panel...
"to get to the bottom
of last night's disturbance.
The City of New York
will not let property be destroyed by anyone. "
His Honor plans to visit our block today.
He should hook up with our own Da Mayor,
buy him a beer.
Your Love Daddy says register to vote.
The election is coming up.
There's no end in sight from this heat wave,
so today, the cash money word is chill.
That's right. C-h-i-L-L.
When you hear "chill," call in at 555-LOVE,
and you'll win cash money, honey.
This is Mister Señor Love Daddy
coming at you from what's last on your dial
but first in your hearts,
and that's the quintessential truth, Ruth.
The next record goes out to Radio Raheem.
We love you, brother.

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