Out of Africa (1985): Chance Meeting with Denys


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The clip chance meeting with denys from Out of Africa (1985)

Your letters, msabu.
Excuse me.
I heard you'd made it.
I'd have paid anything to see their faces.
Would you join us for a drink?
I can't.
How is it that you are home?
I brought Berkeley back.
Has he been wounded?
More than usual, but he'll be all right as long as the gin holds out.
And you? How is it with the fighting?
We're taking a beating.
It's likely to last for a while.
I still have your compass.
Why don't you keep it?
You've earned it.
Besides, I don't always want to know where I'm going.
Please don't let me keep you.
Are you all right?
Yes. Take good care.
We're behind a story or two.
Yes. When I get back.
Back? From where?
When you get back, I meant.

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