Out of Africa (1985): New Years Celebration


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The clip new years celebration from Out of Africa (1985)

Bror, yes. But Denys hired out to tourists? I can't imagine.
He's got no other trade. Besides, we've got no choice.
The government's put a stop to the ivory.
What will you do?
I'll concentrate on the farm.
Hello, the house!
Felicity! How is it you're home?
I'm out. Look.
I didn't learn a thing, but I'm wonderfully clean.
I'll come see you. You save me a dance, Berkeley.
What's this nonsense I hear about a school?
I've taken on a young missionary.
He's promised me to do the alphabet first and save God for later.
Wogs can't even count their goats.
It's none of your business.
Who the devil are you?
I wonder if you'd dance with me?
You are about to apologize.
You do stir things up, Baroness.
When they said they liked to read, how did they put that, exactly?
Do they know they'd like Dickens?
You don't think they should learn?
I think you might have asked them.
Did you ask to learn when you were a child?
How can stories possibly harm them?
They have their own stories. They're just not written down.
And what stake to you have in keeping them ignorant?
They're not ignorant.
I just don't think they should be turned into little Englishmen.

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