Out of Africa (1985): Meeting Denys


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The clip meeting Denys from Out of Africa (1985) with Meryl Streep, Robert Redford

Good morning.
Have you had trouble?
Now and then. Have you?
No. I'm travelling to Nairobi.
Well, you caught the right train.
Get away! Shoo! Shoo!
That's all my crystal. My Limoges.
They didn't know it was Limoges.
So you plan to stay, then?
I've come out to marry Baron Blixen. Do you know him?
Bror? Yes.
We plan to start a dairy.
Are you quite famous? They stopped the train for you.
It's rude not to here.
A dairy. Isn't it a bit soon for milk at the door?
Aren't you boarding?
No, I'm going on.
On? To where?
Mention the ivory to Berkeley Cole. Bror knows him.
I'm Baroness Blixen!
Not yet.
Finch Hatton, Denys!

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