Out of Africa (1985): Denys' Room at Muthaiga


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The clip denys' room at muthaiga from Out of Africa (1985)

Excuse me.
My God, these people drink.
I'm sorry. I was just...
I'm afraid...
No, it's all right.
I'm afraid you've caught me snooping.
It's not my room. It's Denys's. And Denys won't mind.
That's the thing about Denys.
Are you Cole?
Berkeley Cole.
I brought the ivory with me on the train.
Well, thank you.
You taking your quinine?
Oh, yes.
He has got lovely books.
Does he lend them?
We had a friend...
Hopworth, he'd got a book from Denys and didn't return it.
Denys was furious. I said to Denys...
"You wouldn't lose a friend for the sake of a book. "
He said, "No, but he has, hasn't he?"
Did you come out through London?
No, from Rome, actually.
I thought you might have a newspaper.
No. Sorry.
Oh, nothing in them anyway.
I had a friend who I used to take to the dances at Oxford.
They were in June by the river.
She always wore a new silk dress.
I think you're wearing her perfume.
It's very nice, but it's not the same.

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