Out of Africa (1985): Arguing About Commitment Part 2


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The clip arguing about commitment Part 2 from Out of Africa (1985)

You want her along?
I want things that don't matter not to matter.
Then tell her no. Do it for me.
And then? What else would it be?
Why is your freedom more important that mine?
It isn't. And I've never interfered with your freedom.
No. I'm not allowed to need you.
Or rely on you, or expect anything from you.
I'm free to leave.
But I do need you.
You don't need me.
If I die, will you die? You don't need me.
You're confused. You've mixed up need with want. You always have.
My God. In the world that you would make, there would be no love at all.
Or the best kind. The kind we wouldn't have to prove.
You'll be living on the moon then.
Why? Because I won't do it your way?
Are we assuming there's one proper way to do all this?
Do you think I care about Felicity?
Do you think I'll be involved with her?
Then there's no reason for this.
If she's not important...
why won't you give it up?
I have learned a thing that you haven't.
There are some things worth having...
but they come at a price, and I want to be one of them.
I won't allow it.
You have no idea the effect that language has on me.
I used to think that there was nothing that you really wanted...
but that's not it, is it?
You want to have it all.
I'm going to Samburu. She can come or not.
Then you will be living elsewhere.
All right.

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