Hot Fuzz (2007): Festival


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The clip festival from Hot Fuzz (2007) with Jim Broadbent, Nick Frost

Testing. Testing.
Someone's in for a surprise at 3:00, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the raffle with a very special guest presenter.
Out in the country
Far from all the sorts of noise of the city
There's a village green
It's been a long time since I last set eyes
On the church with a steeple
That's me after a couple of pints.
Splat the rat.
Splat the rat.
Splat the rat.
Seen any murderings, Nicholarse?
Come on, boys. Leave Sergeant Angel alone, he's working.
Sorry, Chief, won't waste any more police time.
Have a nice time.
Actually, Nicholas, you might as well take a break.
Hey, great. I've got something to show you.
This is a rifle range.
You'll be really good at it.
Feeling lucky, Sergeant?
Three cans wins you the squeaky bunny, five cans gets you the floppy lion.
Take out all the little people, you get to waltz off with the cuddly monkey.
I thought I made it clear to you how I feel about firearms.
It's only an air rifle.
Dear Lord!

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