Hot Fuzz (2007): Research


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The clip research from Hot Fuzz (2007) with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

Well, if you wanna wade through every copy
of the Sandford bloody Citizen, be our guest.
Morning, Constable.
All right?
Thanks for the monkey.
Yours, isn't it?
I won it for you.
Danny, I think I'm on to something.
Are you?
And I think with a little deliberation we can figure out what links these deaths.
Come on, partner. Let's go to work.
Oh, oh, Sergeant Angel?
Someone from London called for you.
Tell them I'll call them back.
Tim Messenger.
Editor and journalist at The Sandford Citizen.
Fondness for puns.
Go on.
Terrible speller.
Oh, yeah?
Nevertheless had uncovered important information about...
George Merchant.
Self-made millionaire.
Fancied himself as a property developer.
Said he had big plans for Sandford.
Pissed on the floor in The Crown.
But more importantly, was a good friend and client of...
Martin Blower.
Respected solicitor.
Leading light of the local drama society.

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