Hot Fuzz (2007): Attacking Angel Part 2


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The clip attacking angel Part 2 from Hot Fuzz (2007) with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost

Hey, big one, playtime's over.
Michael? Are you there?
Michael? Is everything okay?
Sergeant Angel's been taken care of?
He's not gonna get back up again?
Good. Proceed to the castle.
Frank, this shit just got real.
Skinner just sent someone to kill me, and, now, now he's gone somewhere.
Up to the... To the castle, I think. I'm gonna... I'm gonna go after him.
Okay? It's Nicholas, by the way.
Oh, my God. What happened to your Peace Lily?
Danny. Danny, just stay here, okay? And watch him, and call your dad.
Tell him I was right.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna bust this thing wide open.
Nicholas, wait.
You might need this.
Thanks, partner.

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