Hot Fuzz (2007): No Help from the Ranks


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The clip No help from the ranks from Hot Fuzz (2007) with Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Hello, Nicholas. How's the hand?
It's still a bit stiff.
And how are things at home?
I'm sorry, sir?
How's Janine?
We're no longer together, sir.
Right. Then where are you living?
He's staying at the Section House, sir.
With the recruits?
Yes, he's living out of cardboard boxes.
Well, then, you're packed already.
Nicholas, we're offering you a smashing position with a delightful cottage,
in a lovely little place that I think has won Village of the Year
I don't know how many times. It'll be good for you.
I don't really know what to say.
Yes, thank you.
No, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to...
You want to take this higher?
Yes, yes, I do.
You want me to bother the Chief Inspector with this?
You want me to get the Chief Inspector to come all the way down here?
Yes, I do.
Hello, Nicholas. How's the hand?
Still a bit stiff.
Chief Inspector...
Keep your seat.
Now, I know what you're going to say,
but the fact is, you've been making us all look bad.
I'm sorry, sir?
Of course we all appreciate your efforts,
but you've been rather letting the side down.
It's all about being a team player, Nicholas.
You can't be the Sheriff of London.
If we let you carry on running round town,
you'll continue to be exceptional and we can't have that.
You'll put us all out of a job.
With respect, sir.
You can't just make people disappear.
Yes, I can. I'm the Chief Inspector.
Well, however you spin this, there's one thing you haven't taken into account.
And that's what the "team" is gonna make of this.

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