Hot Fuzz (2007): Romeo and Juliet Part 2


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The clip romeo and juliet Part 2 from Hot Fuzz (2007) with Timothy Dalton, Simon Pegg

Absolute tosh, wasn't it?
And annoyingly, the understudies are actually professional actors.
Greg over there was an extra in Straw Dogs
and Sheree portrayed a cadaver in Prime Suspect.
Sergeant Angel, you came?
So thrilled you accepted my invitation.
Well, our Inspector requested we attend. So...
Yeah, we can't accept gifts from someone we've officially rebuked so...
Jog on.
Congratulations to you and to Mrs. Blower.
Oh, this is not my wife. This is Miss Draper. My leading lady.
Eve works in the local council, Sergeant. Quite the lady in the know.
I am not.
I'm sure if we bashed your head in, all sorts of secrets would come tumbling out.
Romeo, Romeo, a pint of bitter for Romeo?
Thank you very much for coming, George. Excuse us.
A pleasure, my liege.
Eve's nice, ain't she?
She certainly has a distinctive laugh.
She was in my year at school. Always had a thing for her.
She clearly has a thing for older men.
What, with Martin Blower? No way!
We just sat through three hours of so-called acting, Constable,
their kiss was the only convincing moment in it.
Hey, now you come to mention it,
I too have reason to believe she favors the older gent.
Really? How so?
Marcus Carter's big brother said he'd fingered her up the duck pond.
Oh, Officers.
Again let me extend my sincere apologies for earlier.
That's quite all right, Mr. Blower. Drive safe.
"Drive safe. " Oh, my God.
You know that's the bloke we done for speeding earlier.
Yeah. Hopefully, that's the last we'll see of him.

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