Hot Fuzz (2007): Town Meeting


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Amanda Paver, headmistress of Sandford Primary.
How do you do, Sergeant?
Simon Skinner, I believe you've met.
Oh, we're already firm friends.
Oh, please, please, come with me, will you?
This is Leslie Tiller,
whose horticultural expertise has helped put Sandford on the map.
She's ever so good.
Oh, go on.
This is James Reaper, who owns Brannigan Farm.
I hear you're quite the marksman.
Perhaps you might like to join us for a shoot one day.
Well, I haven't held a firearm for over two years, Mr. Reaper.
I'd quite like to keep it that way.
You will be popular with the local birds.
Nicholas, hello. Reverend Shooter.
I want to ask you, would you read a homily at Sunday Service?
That might be a little hypocritical of me, Reverend.
Oh, you're an atheist?
No, I'm... I'm...
I'm open to the concept of religion, I'm just not entirely convinced by it.
You're an agnostic?
I think I have a cream for that.
Robin Hatcher, our resident sawbones.
Hopefully we won't see too much of each other over the coming months.
Well, all that remains is to welcome you
to the weekly meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Alliance.
Now, quick announcement before we begin.
Janet Barker has just given birth to twins.
So, congratulations to her.
Thanks, Joyce.
I am sure that all of you will have noticed the return of a blight to our streets.
It's made all the more disturbing as the Village of the Year contest looms.
I refer, of course, to the extremely irritating Living Statue.

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