Hot Fuzz (2007): Meeting the Department Part 2


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The clip meeting the department Part 2 from Hot Fuzz (2007) with Simon Pegg, Olivia Colman

She's a police officer.
Being a woman has nothing to do with it.
Oh, I don't know. Comes in handy every so often.
I could've given you the tour. I've been round the station a few times.
And what's upstairs?
Well, well, well, I see we have visitors.
Nicholas, this is Tom Weaver.
Civilian liaison with the Neighborhood Watch Alliance.
You'll find that we run a very tight ship here.
From this command center I can see what the whole village is up to.
I must say I was rather admiring your handiwork last night.
It's a pity you didn't do the same to those bloody hoodies.
Hanging around. Loitering. Sitting.
Actually, I did notice some minor graffiti on the fountain.
Graffiti? They've gotta be dealt with, Frank.
They're nippers, Tom. They'll come round.
Which reminds me,
our friend, The Living Statue, was here on Saturday.
11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00.
If we don't come down hard on these clowns,
we are gonna be up to our balls in jugglers.
We'll get right onto it, Tom.
We like to let them think they run the place.
Well, that's that.
Unless there's anything you're unclear about?
Yes, sir. Why is everybody eating chocolate cake?
The Black Forest gateau is on Danny. As punishment for his little indiscretion.
Sir, I don't think driving under the influence can be called a "little indiscretion. "
No, the gateau is for misplacing his helmet the other week.
Last night's incident will require something rather more serious.
Do you like ice-cream?
I'm sorry, sir, I don't follow.
Let's just say that we won't be short of Chunky Monkey for the next month.
Now, since it's your first day and it's 11:30, I'd say that's lunch.

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